Safety is part of our soul

Safety is part of our soul. It has been at the heart of what we do since the Volvo Group was founded more than 80 years ago.

Our ultimate goal is zero accidents with Volvo Group products. We work diligently to develop increasingly better protection for people and our products are built to minimize the consequences of accidents. We focus on how to prevent injuries to people inside and outside of the vehicle, product reliability, and security for people and goods.

Voices on safety

Anna Wrige Berling

Anna, Safety Coordinator at the Advanced Technology Research, is talking about the safety features in our products and how they can protect both the driver and other road users. 

Peter Wells

Peter, Leader for the Accident Research Team, explains his and Volvos commitment to safety and the important role safety plays in the company’s development.

Sven Olovson - Accident Research Manager at Volvo Buses

Meet Sven Olovson

Sven Olovson always has a bag packed and waiting at home. In his role as Accident Research Manager at Volvo Buses, he must be ready to travel anywhere in the world where there has been a serious accident involving a Volvo bus.

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Peter Kronberg - Safety Director at the Volvo Group

Meet Peter Kronberg

Peter Kronberg, Safety Director at the Volvo Group, is responsible for all the safety activities within the group. He explains that his role mainly relates to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Safety expertise and research

Accident Research Team

Accident Research Team

Since 1969, we’ve had a team dedicated to understanding why road accidents happen. Their work helps us develop safety related improvements so that one day, we may avoid road accidents altogether.

Here’s their story
The most common accidents

The most common accidents

Road accidents happen. They can be minor, they can be severe, and they can be everything in-between. Each accident holds critical insights that can contribute to ways we can improve the road safety for all users.

The most common accidents
Our safety solutions
Volvo Trucks - Seat belts

Volvo Trucks

Seat belts

We invented the three-point seat belt in 1959. And gave the patent to the world. It’s saved millions of lives. And will save millions more.

A study conducted by the Swedish Transport Administration showed that of the 20 unrestrained truck drivers killed in Sweden between 2005 and 2009, 19 would have survived if they had been using their seat belts.

Seat belts save drivers’ lives. Unfortunately, only 50% of drivers use them today. So we’re doing everything we can to encourage drivers to use their seatbelt.

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Volvo Buses - Collision Warning and Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Support

Volvo Buses

Collision Warning and Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Support

The Collision Warning and Emergency Braking functionality is part of the Volvo Driver Support System. It also includes a Lane Keeping Support System which warns the driver if the coach is about to cross a lane marking unintentionally. The Collision Warning and Emergency Braking functionality applies full brakes to the coach if a collision with a vehicle in front is imminent and the driver doesn’t react to the initial warning.

Volvo´s Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Braking functionality is an excellent example of our proactive approach to road safety. It is able to perform full braking from normal speed towards standstill objects three years before the legal requirement comes in 2018.

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Stop Look Wave

A global campaign to keep children safe in traffic

Stop Look Wave

Volvo’s accident research shows that human behavior is a major factor in most traffic accidents. Awareness of risks and understanding how to act safely in traffic is crucial for safety. As we all know children are the most vulnerable of road users and it is the responsibility of the adult community and organizations, including companies such as Volvo Group, to keep children safe. That is why it is important for Volvo Group to work directly with children, teachers and other actors in society to promote traffic safety. 

Other societal contribution activities

European Accident Research and Safety Report

European Accident Research and Safety Report

Volvo has studied and analysed a large number of accidents involving trucks since 1969. The information gained is one of the most important bases for the design and development of Volvo trucks. Volvo’s in-house research, along with statistics and research findings from European authorities and academics, form the basis of this report. This report will contribute to broadening our understanding of accidents involving trucks, thereby helping to reduce the risk of traffic related accidents and injuries.

European Accident Research and Safety Report (PDF, 4.7 MB)
Increasing safety through awareness and training

Increasing safety through awareness and training

We run traffic and site safety programs for drivers and operators all over the world, including:

• The TransFORM program in Brazil has been running since 1998 and has been replicated in Peru.

• Driver training programs run jointly with Eicher in India have trained more than 159,000 drivers.

• Operator training run by Volvo Construction Equipment in India trained close to 2,000 operators in 2015 and the total trained since the start 2007 is above 10,200.

• Volvo Driver Academy is a demo training project initiated in China for drivers to drive more safely and efficiently.

• Committed since 2012 to the World Food Programme, Renault Trucks has specialists and a mobile training unit (Renault Kerax) at their disposal in different African countries which aims to train local WFP teams for heavy duty maintenance, workshop and fleet management.

Safety networks and other engagements

Safety networks and other engagements

We have listed a selection of our key collaborations, partners and organisations that we in some way work with in order to improve safety and for future development of safety features.

Safety networks and other engagements

Safety news