Moving business and society forward

Moving business and society forward

The prosperity of society and our business success are closely connected, so it is only natural that the Volvo Group strives to continuously contribute to the communities where we live and operate in order to move society and our business forward.

The Volvo Group has initiated, contributed to and supported various societal activities for many years. From 2015, the Volvo Group has adopted the principle of creating shared value through all our societal commitments and we have grounded our global program for societal engagement: Moving Society Forward. With that program, we want to adopt corporate policy and practices, establish strategic partnerships and engage in societal activities where our contribution helps advance social, economic and environmental conditions in the communities where we operate and sell, while simultaneously enhancing the competitive advantage and profitability of the Volvo Group.

The Volvo Group recognizes that we will achieve maximum positive impact if we apply our specialist knowledge and skills and expert capabilities. That is why in our Moving Society Forward program, we will focus on three areas that are most relevant to our industry and expertise; Traffic and Worksite Safety, Environmental Sustainability, and Education and Skills Development.

We carefully select activities connected to our vision, business goals and core competencies as well as to local societal needs. We join forces with key partners and involve our employees, without whom we would not exist. They bring their unique knowledge and competencies to the table which helps us enhance societal development.

Focus areas

The Moving Society Forward program focuses on the areas where societal needs intersect with our industry, which is where we have the deepest knowledge and expertise: Traffic and worksite safety, Environmental sustainability, Education and skills development. By focusing on these three areas, we can add economic, social, and environmental value, and strengthen our position as a good corporate citizen.

Stop Look Wave in China

Improving traffic and worksite safety

Volvo Group drives and participates in various traffic safety initiatives to enhance safety for road traffic users and reduce the number of traffic accidents globally. In many parts of the world we have established award-winning safety programs that focus on professional drivers, school children and community safety.

Our worksite safety activities focus mainly on operators, to improve safety of worksites where our products are in use.

Our driver training programs in India reached more than 110,000 drivers so far. In Brazil, Volvo Group has been recognized as the most sustainable company in the automotive sector, mainly thanks to our long-running, prestigious Volvo Traffic Safety Program. With its roots in Denmark, our Stop-Look-Wave traffic safety campaign has reached almost 50.000 children globally in only 6 months.

To read more about our traffic and worksite safety activities, please visit our Annual Report.

Stop Look Wave - a global campaign to keep children safe in traffic
Environmental sustainability

Contributing positively to environmental sustainability

The Volvo Group has a strong commitment to Care for the Environment, which is one of our core values. Volvo Group has a long-standing partnership with WWF and its Climate Savers program and we are committed to taking urgent action to combat climate change. Volvo Group also hosts the Construction Climate Challenge where we invite stakeholders and decision makers from all areas and levels of the construction industry to unite around sustainability research and development.

Volvo Group continuously works to increase environmental efficiency in our own operations and also strives to develop environmentally enhanced products that pioneer a more sustainable commercial vehicle industry.

To read more about Volvo Group’s environmental activities, please visit our Annual Report.

Training schools in Africa

Educating and developing skills

The Volvo Group conducts a variety of professional training programs in emerging and established markets worldwide, focusing on vocational training for technicians, mechanics, drivers, operators and factory workers that equips them with the right skills for roles in the transport and construction industries.

In many countries, the transport and construction industries face a shortage of people with the right competencies and our vocational training programs facilitate employment opportunities within the local community, while securing the long-term development of our business.

In the latest years, Volvo Group has made a strategic commitment to support vocational training schools in Africa in collaboration with strategic partners. So far, we have established three schools in Morocco, Zambia and Ethiopia where three of our employees have volunteered on site to set up and support the projects.

Read more about our Training schools in Africa

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The Volvo Group Annual Report 2015

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